5 Things (Other Than Money) That Motivate Employees

Mon, Dec 19, 2011


Money is the UNIVERSAL motivator. But how else can you seek to motivate your employees? Here are some suggestions:

  1. LOTS OF PRAISE – everyone loves to be commended, acknowledged and praised. It typically makes employees feel good (and motivated), especially if done in front of other employees (e.g. at a staff meeting or just out in the open). If the praise is coming directly from the CEO, GM or some other top dog, the value of this praise grows phenomenally
  2. TAKE THEM TO LUNCH – surprise them occasionally with a group lunch at a nice restaurant. Make the invitation as personal as you can (ask them face to face if possible).
  3. HAVE QUIRKY ANNUAL AWARDS – a little trophy or certificate for creative-sounding categories such as “Most Helpful”, “Biggest Smile”, “Most Likely To Refill The Coffee Machine”, “Most Addictive Laugh”, will likely get your employees smiling and motivated.
  4. PARTIES & PICNICS – spend some money on food, drinks and entertainment for them. Let birthdays and other special occasions be cause for an outing. For example, you could set aside three hours out of every month to have a picnic for all the persons celebrating birthdays in that month.
  5. EXTERNAL INCENTIVES – working for the company should have added benefits outside the office itself. Forge business relationships with product and service providers that will be of benefit to your employees. For example, discounts for gym membership at selected gyms, coupons for car repair shops etc.
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