There Are Really Only Three True Job Interview Questions

Thu, Feb 23, 2012

HR Trends

Some of the top executive recruiters agree, that only three ‘true’ job interview questions exists, and that all other questions are a subset of one of these questions. The questions are as follows:

  1. CAN YOU DO THE JOB? This question focuses on the applicant’s strengths. It’s not just about their technical skills, but also about their leadership and interpersonal strengths.
  2. WILL YOU LOVE THE JOB? This question looks solely at the applicant’s motivation. For example, these days, younger employees do not typically wish to get paid merely for working hard. Instead, they will work hard because they enjoy their environment and the challenges associated with their work.
  3. CAN WE TOLERATE WORKING WITH YOU? This question looks squarely at the applicant’s fit within the organization.

Just about every job interview question is a subset of a deeper in-depth follow-up to one of the three key questions above. Each question potentially may be asked using different words, but every question, however it is phrased, is just a variation on one of these topics: Strengths, Motivation, and Fit.

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