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Fri, Mar 16, 2012


If you have an upcoming GP exam, Oxford Medical is likely your best bet for skills training that will help you to ace that GP exam.

Coodinated by the The National Recruitment Office, the GP Specialty Training Programme recruitment process now has a new look for 2011, with the following stages in the process:

  • Stage 1 – Applications, long-listing, F2 competencies
  • Stage 2 – Online Clinical and Professional Dilemma Papers
  • Stage 3 – Selection Assessment Centre
  • Stage 4 – Job allocation

The GP application is stage 2 of the process (i.e. after you’ve passed the initial stage having met all the eligibility criteria) and they can also prepare you for this using excellent situational judgement and clinical problem solving online papers. Based on actual clinical scenarios, and lasting approximately 3 hours, the two papers you will undertake are designed to assess your clinical competences.

Oxford Medical is one of the UK’s best and largest providers of medical interview medical teaching courses, skills training, medical management courses and other unique career development courses. From GP Recruitment to GPST stage 3, Oxford Medical offers options that are designed to give you the most effective opportunity to demonstrate your competencies in line with the necessary specifications.

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