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Should You Cry At Work?

9. May 2012


A sales deal that fell through, a bad appraisal, an boisterous/rude customer, a maniac who doubles as your boss – there are many work circumstances that could provoke an emotional response from persons at work. Such emotional responses include sulking, shouting or even crying. Should you cry at work? According to Sigal Barsade, a professor [...]

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Typical Excuses For Not Paying Overtime

18. August 2009


Some owners / managers may not realize it, but these typical excuses for not paying overtime (detailed below) are really weak, and if you use them, you could be breaking the law: Saying that the employee is on salary. Understand that even salaried workers must be paid overtime IF their jobs meet certain exemption criteria. [...]

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How to Deal With “Generation Y Slackers”

14. February 2009

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“Generation Y” is widely used in reference to persons born between 1978-2000. Much to the displeasure of many older workers, Generation Y-ers are now of working age and some older workers have referred to them as “Generation Y Slackers”. Why are they referred to as slackers? Some older workers have said: (a) They act overly [...]

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